The clothing line “Crown Me,” is on a mission to spark social change and pass down a legacy of integrity, courage, and confidence. Keisha and Michael believe in embracing and empowering ALL people and do so by leading by example. This clothing line is a display of edgy high fashion wear to comfortable everyday loungewear. From the red carpet to the TikTok world “Crown Me” gives you the freedom to be you, and empowers anyone who wears it to reclaim his or her royalty. Daring you to be royal…daring us all to be royal. Do you dare?

Keisha Johnson

Growing up in Chicago, actress, manager, and avid entrepreneur, Keisha Johnson has always loved to make a bold statement with her fashion as well as embracing her creative side.  She is introducing her brand, “Crown Me”, co-owned with her son, Micheal Epps, which is a manifestation of all of her fashion influences, world travels, and life experiences designed into statement-making key pieces that we all need in our lives. 
 She’s constantly reaching new heights of success as a manager, she attributes these continuous opportunities to the faith that she has in her son and the power motherhood holds.  
She believes in tapping into the energies and power that many women of color, such as herself embody, and now wants it to reflect in the clothing they wear. 
 As far as her personal brand of fashion is concerned, she is drawn to the color pinky silver, she doesn’t mind a good pair of heels and could totally listen to “All This Love” by Trey Songz on repeat, at least for this week…
For Keisha Johnson, “Crown Me”,  is more than just a brand.  It is an exercise in embodying the different roles that we occupy and the right to empowerment that we all hold within. Crown Me is not just a brand, it is a challenge.

Michael Epps

Michael plays Jake Taylor’s role on Emmy-award winner Lena Waithe’s “The Chi,” a coming of age drama. The series showcases the Southside of Chicago and its everyday real-life struggles. By understanding the complexities of life and tapping into his versatility as an actor, Michael’s talents were highlighted while playing his character. For Michael, this role came at the right time. While he is just like any other typical teenager his age that enjoys playing video games, hanging with friends, and playing basketball, Michael understands that family and giving back to the community is important. His experience growing up in an urban community and playing Jake has inspired a more profound love and appreciation for where he comes from and what kids go through. With upcoming projects and guest-starred appearances in NBC’s action-drama series “Chicago Fire,” acting has become an essential part of Michael’s life. These experiences have also led Michael to tap into other hobbies and business ventures. In October 2019, Michael released his first single, Drip. While acting is Michael’s focus, he has looked up to other artists like Lil Baby, Lil Durk King Von, and G Herbo as a source of inspiration, and music became another way to channel his creativity. Michael is also working alongside his mother, Keisha Johnson launching the new clothing line “Crown Me.” Michael, as the young visionary, seeks to empower anyone who wears his designs. The clothing line’s mission is to give empowerment back to the self and encourages anyone who wears it to reclaim his or her royalty. “Crown Me” brings out the inner king and queen. Show up to the scene royally.

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